Nutritional and Exercise Counseling

Selection Of Specific Meal Plans

We believe in working with each of our patients to determine the best dietary manipulation needed for the best results. After analyzing your lab results, a specific meal plan can be decided upon. It may consist of a low fat and low carbohydrate diet. Some patients may benefit from a high diet in iron, selenium, protein, or even iodine. Our doctors will choose from a variety of alternatives and determine which meal plan will best suit you.

Patient Selected Menus

We have implemented this new feature this year as we realize we do not know all of the delicious ways to prepare specific meals. As a result, we have offered as part of our services, the option for our patients to submit a low-calorie menu, incorporating one particular dish or meal(s) to our staff. We will review, estimate the caloric and nutritional content, and share suitable suggested items on our website. Certain dishes may be served to attendees of our bi-annual conferences and voted upon. Ultimately, we hope that the recipes for these winning dishes will eventually be published in our very own patient-featured cookbook and menu planner!

Exercise Therapy

Our doctors believe that any activity is better than sitting on the couch. With our support, we intend to increase your activity level throughout the day. Often times, your activity levels may be stagnant because of your energy levels. As we increase your energy levels, we know this will produce an increase in your activity levels. Increasing your activity levels will lead to greater weight loss, muscle tone, and a greater sense of well-being.

If you need additional therapeutic interventions, we have developed several affiliations and networks with personal trainers who are familiar with our goals and treatment plans. We can refer you to them and clinically monitor your progress on a bi-monthly level.

Please ask about the HCG weight loss program as part of your overall medical weight loss program.

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