Hormone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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Although men and women both experience symptoms of low testosterone, men are most affected. These symptoms include a depressed libido and sexual desire, low self-esteem, low energy, a decrease in muscle tone, and flabbiness in their extremities despite an exercise and weight-training regimen.

At WithinMeMD, we offer testosterone replacements in either a cream or injectable form. In addition to testosterone, we are able to prescribe patients a variety of synthetic secretagogue peptides that stimulate your body’s own natural HGH (human growth hormone).

Such therapeutic modalities are strictly monitored by our physicians and justified by the patient’s symptoms, overall physical state and laboratory blood work analysis.

The benefits of these therapies include but are not limited to:

  • Alteration in a patient’s depression and anxiety
  • Stronger and healthier bones
  • Increased libido, self-confidence and sexual desire
  • Leaner muscle mass and increased muscle tone and strength
  • Improved ability to concentrate and focus on assigned tasks
  • Increased fat metabolism resulting in decrease in stored fat
  • Reduction in the chances of progression to Type II Diabetes
  • Steroid Hormone Replacements

    Please review our steroid hormone pathway chart. Many of you may not recognize the complexity of the body’s ability to produce necessary and vital hormones as precursors to the more common hormones that you may be familiar with. We have developed several protocols and algorithms to supplement the deficiencies you may possess. Under our physician’s guidance, we replace these deficiencies to levels that restore and optimize your hormones so that you will be on your way to an overall better sense of well-being.

    Hormorne Chart
    Image Reproduced from the Newsletter Metabolic Healing – Bridging the Gap between Science and Nourishing Foods
    Title: The Endocrine Journey: Steroidal Hormones & Their Pathways
    by Michael McEvoy, FDN, CNC, CMTA 12/01/2012

    Sex Hormone Replacement Therapy

    As we age, we have come to realize that many of us experience a loss of hormones. Our stress and anxiety increases and we often see that our desire to be sexually intimate has diminished. Our ability to lose weight has lessened and we begin to experience many of the symptoms related to hormone deficiency.

    We have been conditioned to think that this is just a mere sign of “getting old.” However, at WithinME MD, we believe that your problems can be corrected with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. We use bio-identical hormones, often in a skin cream, because it has been shown to reduce the side effects that are caused by synthetic hormone supplements. A daily use of these hormones, as prescribed by our physicians, can help you to feel and experience the difference.

    We encourage you to seek a consultation with one of our physicians to review your symptoms and your laboratory results. Afterwards, the physician will be able to determine the right treatment option for you. In addition to the hormones, our programs may consist of a variety of supplements and vitamins that the physician may prescribe to you to help aid your sense of well-being.

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