HCG Weight Loss Plan

HCG Weight Loss Program Diet Plan

The HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone) Weight Loss Plan is comprised of pharmacy grade bio-identical HCG. The HCG belongs to the patient and like all of our pharmacy graded medications, the patient will have their medication shipped directly to them from the pharmacy. The HCG is administered via self-injection every morning. Our clinical staff will demonstrate how to give yourself the injections and ensure that you are capable of doing so.

Supported by clinical evidence, we believe that the injectable form is the best way to receive the HCG hormone. The bioactive components of HCG are better preserved in liquid form. Often times, the oral solutions are nothing more than a homeopathic substitute to the actual pharmacy grade solution. Please note, that HCG is a Scheduled III Controlled Medication as denoted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and thus cannot be prescribed without a physician’s order.

Along with 7 to 8 weeks of medication, the patient is given a complete standardized HCG menu, a diet calendar and a specifically designed HCG menu sheet.

We expect you to visit our physicians twice a month for the two-month plan. After you have finished the HCG weight loss plan, we offer a very reasonable maintenance program for a minimum of six weeks. After this time period, the patient can decide to restart an additional round of HCG or continue with the maintenance program. We have seen patients finish their second round of HCG and lose a total of 35-65 pounds over the course of 18-22 weeks. Because the hormone is self-injected, our overhead is lower and savings are realized by our patients.

2-Month Maintenance Packages

After you have completed your initial two-month package, we encourage our patients to stay on our maintenance program which includes B12 supplemental injections, oral supplements and a tailored plan to address any additional needs. This may include hormone therapy, or other concierge-like alternatives. Our maintenance programs are affordable and do not require bi-monthly office visits with the physician.

The HCG Diet Plan FAQ

Q: Will HCG injections affect my blood pressure?
A: The weight loss may cause a decrease in blood pressure. Blood pressure medication doses may need to be adjusted accordingly. Be sure to discuss this matter with your Primary Care Physician.

Q: After the HCG Weight Loss Plan is completed, will I be able to stop my diabetic medications?
A: The weight loss may require an adjustment in diabetic medication. This will need to be discussed your Primary Care Physician.

Q: Does HCG affect cholesterol levels?
A: Most patients’ cholesterol levels are reduced for a variety of reasons including the improvement of your good cholesterol “HDL”, reduction of your bad cholesterol “LDL” and triglycerides. HCG also has a stimulating effect on your natural steroid hormones, and the increase in these hormones reduces your cholesterol levels too.

Q: Do I have to eat high fat foods the first two days and if so, why?
A: It takes approximately three days for the HCG to take effect and begin circulating your abnormal fat stores. “Fat loading” for the first two to three days helps prevent hunger after the caloric restriction begins.

Q: What foods are recommended during the two-three days of loading fats?
A: You can eat anything you want and in any quantity you can tolerate. Often people may gain a couple of pounds during this process.

Q: Will I be hungry?
A: Because the HCG Weight Loss Plan causes a release of abnormal fat stores to your body for energy, many are not hungry. However, because of the shock given to your hypothalamus, we often prescribe an appetite suppressant to assist you in your hunger or your pre-existing cravings.

Q: Does the weight loss plateau after the first month?
A: Weight loss is usually greatest the first month and slows down thereafter, but does not stop. It is common to see inches being lost continuously. The first two weeks are usually when a patient can lose over 1-2 pounds per day. The body does adjust, but when patients stick with the plan and add a simple exercise program to their regimen, the weight loss continues.

Q: Will the weight come back after I am finished with the HCG Weight Loss Plan?
A: The HCG Weight Loss Plan must be followed correctly until you attain your goal weight. After the program is completed, a low carbohydrate diet should be followed for the three weeks. Some patients will gain some of their weight back, but this is often due to an increase in their daily fat intake often exceeding the daily requirement. To counter this reaction, we suggest following the maintenance Program for the recommended six weeks after the HCG Weight Loss Plan is completed and monitor your weight and body composition.

Q: Do I have to exercise?
A: We suggest that you walk a minimum of 30 minutes daily and no more than an hour a day. Resistance training is allowed during the plan. Once the weight loss plan is completed, you can return to your normal exercise routine. If you have not been exercising before the diet, it is best that you begin some form of sustained activity while on the HCG Diet. This helps your liver metabolize unnecessary stored fat and keeps you in a healthy metabolic state.

Q: What is the Hypothalamus?
A: The Hypothalamus links the nervous system to the endocrine system, which regulates your hormones. It is responsible for certain metabolic processes including fat storage, hunger and thirst.

Q: Are HCG injections painful?
A: The needle used is the same tiny needle used for insulin and is relatively painless.

Q: What sweeteners are allowed on the diet?
A: STEVIA is the only approved sweetener.

PLEASE NOTE: HCG is not FDA approved for weight loss – this is an “off-label” use of the hormone based on personal experience and the collective clinical experience of many leading endocrine and bariatric physicians and millions of patients worldwide.

Q: Who should not take HCG?
A: If you have cancer, are nursing or pregnant you should not take HCG.
*The HCG diet plan was first discovered and perfected by a British doctor in the 1950s. He found that on this diet, patients lost ½ -1 pound per day on average, without being tired or hungry, or having to exercise, and the majority of participants kept the weight off after they ended the diet. Thousands of others have also reported this level of success. The average woman can expect to lose 20 – 30 pounds in 8 weeks, 20 – 25 pounds in 6 weeks, and 15 – 20 pounds in 4 weeks. Men may lose a little more, (25-40 pounds) due to their greater muscle mass.

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